The Story

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It was the summer of 2010, I was 19 and had just finished my first year of college in San Diego. With a one-way ticket in hand and a suitcase full of Roxy bikinis, I boarded a flight for Oahu to go visit my boyfriend.

Having grown up in Huntington Beach, CA, I hung out at the US Open each year with friends. We were accustomed to seeing all the latest bikini trends but cheeky bottoms hadn't quite made it to California yet; let alone the string thongs I saw on the island.

Having been so adamant that full coverage was the only way to go, I never would have expected to make my way into a local shop and buy two of my own just a week later. It took a few awkward trips to the beach to get my tan in line but once I did, I knew there was no going back.

Three months later, I returned to San Diego and took the school shuttle to Joann's to pickup some fabric. The first try at making my own swimwear was an absolute disaster, they were literally unwearable. I was on a mission though, four months later I had a manufacturer and two designs. Somehow I convinced friends and family to preorder and those funds, combined with babysitting money, founded Midori.

Not long after, my dorm room became known as the go-to stop for all things bikinis. Being at a college located on a beach didn't hurt and the brand steadily began to grow through Instagram as well.

11 years later, you'll find me working from home in Carlsbad, CA- still traveling back to be with family on Oahu frequently and ever so thankful for the opportunity to do what I love on the daily.

Have a suggestion or just want to say hi? You can reach me directly through text on my cell at 760-421-9995.

The Promise

Socially-Responsible, Sustainable, Skin-Safe Swimwear