Your Top Skincare Questions- Answered.

By Esthetician & ambassador Aomi Coelho

Hey babes! Here's a follow up post to some of your frequently asked skincare questions, which were all such good questions to have!

Do I need eye cream?

This depends on your level of commitment to adding multiple steps to your skincare routine. Often times when I'm starting a client on a new skincare regimen, I will only recommend two or three products so as not to overwhelm them and negate the whole process. A great skincare routine can absolutely exist with simply a cleanser, moisturizer, and occasional exfoliant. If you're willing to commit to more products and will actually use them daily, then I absolutely recommend an eye cream. It will often contain ingredients specifically designed to depuff and invigorate the skin, helping us look more awake.

The importance of eye cream

What are some of your favorite masks?

My favorite masks are actually very simple ones you can make at home. My go-to mask is simply raw honey. It's naturally a humectant, which means it pulls water from the atmosphere bringing it into the skin, thereby aiding hydration. It's also naturally antiseptic and speeds healing in the skin, so it's great for acne and preventing scarring. A great honey based mask is the Mermaid Mask from Leahlani Skincare. Another favorite mask is the Refine Clay Renewal Treatment from Blissoma. It doubles as a gentle exfoliant too!

How often should I get a facial, realistically?

I recommend my clients get facials every 4-6 weeks. Facials are a great time to check in with your esthetician as the skin can change seasonally and may need different products for different times of the year. What is even more important, however, than getting regular facials is having a regular daily skincare routine consisting of quality products. It's what you put on your skin each and every day that is truly going to make the biggest impact versus an hour long treatment every so often.

How often should I get a facial?

What is the best moisturizer you use in the winter?

I have two that I use. The first is the Rose Vetiver Day Moisturizer from Evan Healy, and the second is the Lift Intelligent Energy Cream from Blissoma. In the evening I'll add a serum underneath my moisturizer for added hydration and repair overnight. My current favorite is the Pomegranate Repair Serum from Evan Healy. And for the body, you really can't beat straight up organic coconut oil. I'll usually heat some up on the stove (since it's currently solid!) and add a few drops of essential oil for scent. My favorites are ylang ylang and jasmine for their gorgeous floral fragrance- I swear it transports me to a tropical island every time. Then I'll pour that into a jar and keep it in the bathroom as my body moisturizer. It always goes with me when I travel too, so I have body oil for the beach and bikini shoots.

The best organic, all natural serum

What's the best sunscreen for the face?

Since I don't use any kind of chemical sunscreens, I look for mineral makeup that offers SPF coverage. If I'm going to be in extreme sun I opt for a hat to act as a phycial barrier. My problem with chemical sunscreens is that they may potentially cause more harm than good- there is debate whether they can actually cause DNA damage to the skin. So while they may
prevent a bad burn in the present moment, the long term effects could actually be damaging to the skin. Since there are other alternatives available, I stick with no chemicals.

As for the rest of your body, I suggest covering up when possible (I almost always bring a white long sleeve blouse with me to the beach), and looking for a zinc based sunscreen. There are plenty available at any health food store and in my opinion are the healthier option for your skin.

What's your favorite self tanner?

Hands down, Eco Tan invisible tan. I use most of their other self tanners as well, but the Invisible Tan, for me, is the most universal, easy to apply, and looks great on every skin tone. It's made with only organic and natural ingredients and is free of synthetic fragrance. The brand is based in Australia but you can find their products online through various shops. 

I love helping you guys find more safe and natural skincare options, so if you every have any questions just ask! The best tool is to learn your ingredients, and I highly recommend the book No More Dirty Looks for a thorough breakdown of what's really in your products.



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