Extend the Life of Your Bikini

How to Care for your Bikini

Hey MIDORI babes!

Today we are going to be talking about something that often gets overlooked, but is so good to keep up with in the long run!

& that is.....

Proper Bikini Care.

You've worn your favorite bikini all summer... now what?

What happens more often than not is that your bikini gets neglected and isn't properly cleaned when you put it in the drawer for winter.

How do I care for my bikini?

Why it’s Important

It is important to regularly clean your bikini or at least rinse it off after use so the fabric stays strong and the color remains vibrant.

Swimwear fabric is made for both chlorine and saltwater but wearing your bikini over and over in saltwater or chlorine without washing it may not have the best effect on your favorite pieces.

To Keep Your Kini in Good Shape

The Easy Clean

After a swim in the ocean, at the pool, or even just a day in the sun... the easiest thing to do is simply rinse the bikini off!

STEP 1. Grab a hose, go to a sink, or find a shower.

STEP 2. Rinse it out thoroughly then hang it up indoors to dry (or air dry it outside in a shaded area).

Washing your bikini

The Deeper Clean.

After a week or so of everyday wear you may want to give your kini a deeper clean.

Bath Tub / Sink Clean

STEP 1. Fill your bathtub or sink with lukewarm water and a tablespoon of liquid soap- for example, dish soap or liquid laundry detergent (just make sure it doesn't contain bleach!)

STEP 2. Plug the sink or bathtub so the soapy water doesn't drain and throw in the bikini you need to wash!

STEP 3. Let the bikini soak for 5-10 minutes or until the water cools, then rinse out the bikinis and lay them on a clean towel. Fold the towel over them and press on them lightly to rid of excess water. Finish the process by hanging them up (again out of the sun) to air dry!

Washing Machine, Bikini-Cleaning Hack

Need a quick, hands-free, easy way to clean your bikini?! Grab a delicates washable bag, throw your bikinis in it, and toss it into the washer!

Use minimal detergent and wash them with cool water on a delicate setting. (It's important to make sure bleach wasn't previously in the washer as that could irreversibly damage your bikini). Air dry your bikinis inside or in the shade.

Keep your bikini at its best


DO NOT put your bikinis in a dryer, dryers can ruin the elastic in a suit. Always dry your bikinis in an indoor or outdoor area with minimal sun light to keep the elastic strong and the colors bright!

Make it a habit

A bikini that isn't washed every once in a while isn't the WORST thing you can do, but you can definitely prolong the life of your bikini by following these tips!

Stay tuned for our next blog and comment below any topics you'd like to see soon!


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