Extend the Life of Your Bikini

Extend the Life of Your Bikini - Midori Bikinis

Do you know the techniques of  Proper Bikini Care?

More often than not, bikinis are not properly cared for before you toss them back in a drawer after a long day out in the sun or at the pool.

Keep your swim vibrant

Swimwear fabric is made for both chlorine and saltwater but wearing your bikini over and over without washing won't ensure the longevity of your favorite pieces.

The Easy Clean

After a swim in the ocean, at the pool, or even just tanning in the sun, the easiest thing to do is simply rinse the bikini off!

STEP 1. Grab a hose, go to a sink, or find a shower

STEP 2. Rinse your swimwear thoroughly and drape it over a hanger or lay it flat in the shade to dry

The Deep Clean.

After a week or so of everyday wear, you may want to give your bikini a deeper clean.

STEP 1. Fill your bathtub or sink with lukewarm water and a tablespoon of gentle liquid soap, avoiding laundry detergent and soaps containing moisturizers. We recommend a bikini wash like Bikinis Over Everything.
STEP 2. Plug the sink or bathtub and mix the water and soap together thoroughly then toss your bikinis in.
STEP 3. Let your bikinis soak for 5-10 minutes or until the water cools, then rinse out the bikinis and lay them on a clean towel. Fold the towel over them and press on them lightly to rid of excess water. Finish the process draping them in half over a hanger to air dry in the shade!

Quick Bikini Wash Hack

Need a quick, hands-free, easy way to clean your bikini?! Grab a delicates washable bag, throw your bikinis in it, and toss it into the washer!

Use minimal detergent and wash with cool water on a delicate setting. (It's important to make sure bleach wasn't previously in the washer as that could irreversibly damage your bikini). Air dry your bikinis as shown in Step 3 above.


Dryers will ruin the elastic in your swimwear over time. Always dry your bikinis in an indoor or outdoor area with minimal sunlight to keep the elastic strong and the colors bright!

Make it a habit

You've invested in a bikini from our line, maybe even one from our Best Sellers collection. Prolong the life of your new swim by following these steps!


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