A letter from our Founder

A letter from our Founder - Midori Bikinis
Midori Bikinis Owner & Founder Rachel Midori

Bravery. If you are like me and didn't grow up wearing cheeky bikinis, you've likely experienced the temporary discomfort of putting one on that is far too small for your tan lines.

Bravery. That is where my journey to confidence began.

I'd been told growing up that I was too skinny or too big in one area or another. A Midori bikini wasn't just a swimsuit to me, it was a vehicle for understanding my body. It's unique shape, my curves, my perfect imperfections.

When I wore that cheeky bikini bravely, it served to boldly announce "I am who I am. I am not ashamed of this vessel I was born into. I refuse to shame my own body based on the world’s (and even my own) perceptions of a ‘perfect body.’Today, I celebrate the reality that this message was embraced by women like you who passed it along to further strength and uplift those around you. I celebrate that my 3 year old daughter will be surrounded by women who empower.

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for the opportunity to be seen and supported by you.  


Rachel Midori


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