May: Global H20

If you're new to the party let us catch you up on the #MGB campaign! This year we will be supporting one charity every month. The organization we choose to support will be announced via social media and on our site at the beginning of every month.    

Last Month

Last month we supported Changing Tides Orphanage. Our partnership with Changing Tides allowed us to help provide new beds for all the children at the orphanage! If you would like to learn more about changing tides you can check out our last blog post here or view their site here

This Month

We are excited to announce that this month we will be supporting Global H20!

Global H20 is another phenomenal organization. They are dedicated to providing clean, sustainable water where it is needed most. Global H20's goal is to provide clean water sources to communities through construction of wells in Northern Uganda. They also provide latrines in order to help control the spread of many diseases/conditions that can cause widespread illness and death. If you would like to know more or how you can get involved you can check out their site here.


Next Month

We need your help again!!

It turns out that our hunch was right. Amazing people provide amazing suggestions.... It's just a fact!

Midori Gives Back

Let us know which organizations you would like to see us support. Simply comment bellow with an organization and a brief description of what makes them so great (resubmissions welcome)! At the end of the month we will select one organization to partner with. If we select the charity that you suggested we will also give you 30% of your next order as a special thank you from Midori! 

*Entries must be a registered 501(c)
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