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August: Plant With Purpose

Last Month (July)

Last month we supported Love Does. Love Does is an international organization with programs all over the world. They strive to help the less fortunate and fight injustice wherever they can. They run a school in Uganda, an orphanage in Nepal and a number of safe houses in other countries. You can find out all about programs and how you can get involved on their site here

This Month (August)

This month we will be supporting Plant With Purpose. PWP is an organization that helps those affected by rural poverty all over the world. PWP strives to give families the ability to grow out of poverty and become completely self sufficient. Plant With Purpose’s programs help families to increase farm yields, heal damaged ecosystems, improve nutrition, increase household savings, and provide greater economic opportunity. Combined, this integrated program solves two major issues facing the world today: environmental degradation and rural poverty.


Awesome quick fact about Plant with purpose. They have planted over 21 MILLION trees since they were founded! If you would like to learn more about PWP's programs or how you can get involved you can check out their website here.

Next Month (September)


Next month we will be supporting another staff pick for the nonprofit of the month. We will be needing more suggestions soon, so stay tuned for more chances at discounts and prizes. We love hearing all your suggestions and can't wait to see what you will have for us next time!

Until then... peace out! 

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