The Scoop on 2017

We want to thank all of you babes for your patience and understanding in this time of transition for Midori. This blog is meant to fill you in on all you need to know about what has changed and what will remain the same as we prepare to release the 2017 collection. 


We have worked hard to design and develop beautiful new top and bottom styles based off your suggestions.

Why fix it if its not broken? We are bringing back some of our classic styles because they are just too good to say goodbye to.

We listened to your feedback and have made a few changes to some of our classic styles to ensure that they perfect. A seamless version of the Mau Loa top will also be coming back!

More styles to come!


Your Questions Answered

Q: Will tops in the 2017 Collection have padding?

A: Yes, All tops will have removable padding just like our previous collections. 


Q: When will the 2016 collection be available again?

A: We have said goodbye to the 2016 collection. The last chance at these items was our end of the year sale in December. 


Q: When will xxx be available for preorder?

A: We will announce when pieces are available for preorder as soon as we know via Instagram.


Q: What size would you recommend for me?

A: We have taken your feedback and made a size chart that is accurate for most. If you have purchased Midori before we would suggest that you take another look at the site chart before purchasing from the 2017 collection as we have made a few minor adjustments. Find your size here: Midori Size Guide


Q: Why the change in pricing? 

A: With the improvements we have made to the fabric (quick dry, SPF 50, anti-microbial and made in the USA) we have seen a change in production costs. Some styles have increases in price while other have decreased. In our effort to pass on these savings to you, our valued customers, we have adjusted prices accordingly.


Q: I saw something I wanted on your Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat but it is not available on your website yet. When can I get it?

A: We are releasing pieces in the order in which they are being produced. Not to worry the piece you are looking for should be available for preorder in the next couple of weeks!


Q: Will all of the 2017 collection be seamless?

A: Yes! All pieces thus far are seamless in the 2017 collection. 


Q: When will my preordered item ship?

A: Each product page will give you an estimated shipping date for each piece.


Q: Will the Hanalei bottoms (Full bottoms) be a part of the 2017 collection?

A: Yes! We are still making adjustment to the final design of these bottoms, but you can expect them in the coming months.


Q: Is there a limited number of preorders? 

A: Yes, there are a limited number of preorders available for each piece. Get them before they are gone!


Q: Are you opening another retail location?

A: You may have heard that our headquarters has moved from La Jolla to Carlsbad. The new Carlsbad HQ does not have space for a retail boutique, so Midori Bikinis will be available solely on our website for the time being. 


Have a question that this blog didn't answer? Leave a comment and we will get back to you ASAP!

You babes are the best,

The Midori Tribe

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