The 2019 DRIFT Collection

A sneak peek at the long-awaited prints of 2019 is finally here! While these are only the first of the new patterns that will be gracing the MIDORI line, they're a solid representation of what will be coming your way throughout the year.

Before diving in, I want to thank each of you for your patience. I wasn't expecting our restocks to take so long after Black Friday and I know it has been trying on everyone's patience- mine included!

Our most beloved prints from 2018 will be restocked at least once more. I promise I won't ask you to wait much longer- they'll begin arriving as soon as next week. You'll find the schedule for February and March below. Please keep in mind dates are approximate. Even though we import from a Free-Trade Country, shipments often get stuck in customs/ delayed out of our control.

Olena Restock: Around Feb. 23rd
Malu Restock: Around Feb. 23rd
Puamana (NEW): Around Feb. 23rd
Kohala (NEW): Around Feb. 26th
Lehua (NEW): Around Feb. 26th
Lanai Restock: Around March 25th
Bonzai Restock: Around April 5th

Are you ready to checkout the THREE new prints arriving this month + new ones on the way? Here they are...


It's tough to imagine some of these prints on bikinis. Lehua, Paumana, and Kohala are all expected before the end of February so you'll see those soon! As soon as they arrive I'll post photos of them to our story on Instagram.

Here's a quick mock up of two of my favs, Maoli and Kihei on a model to get a better idea of how they'll look on.

Again, these are just the start of our 2019 prints... I do plan on releasing many more this year! I'd love to hear about other ideas you have in the comments. A throwback pineapple print is also in the works, I'll provide updates as it comes along ;)

In the meantime, here's a Bird of Paradise print that never made it into our last lineup! Choose your favorite background color, Blue or Pinkish-Coral, and let me know which you'd like to see so we can get it going too!

Looking forward to all 2019 has to show!x

Rachel Midori


  • Carina Ferreira

    OMG the palm print!! I am in love!! Cant wait for it to come out, you tend to have a way with making simple color bikinis AMAZING!! Hope to see it in the cami top and kai bottom <3

  • MikiJane

    Omg blue IWA!!! WHEN?!?!!!!!

  • Sydney

    Aqua aqua aqua!!! And Also been wanting those high waisted bottoms sooo badly!!!

  • Sierra

    the coral Iwa

  • Lindsey

    Hi, I would love to see more of the feminine prints like Lanai and Bonzai on the Cami top and Kai bottom combo. I think it would be nice to combine feminine with sexy. Can’t wait to see what comes next. P.s. the Maoli print is stunning!!

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