Surviving Spring Semester

Spring semester seems to always be the most difficult for me. With spring break and summer right around the corner I don’t know how anyone could focus!
There are a few simple things I do to keep myself on track in school, not go crazy, get good grades, and still have fun and I’m going to share those with you below. 

First things first, know what classes you need to take.
I am a transfer student at Long Beach State and let me tell you, I am so happy to be done with my general education. I took so many classes that didn’t transfer or counted for something I had already taken…basically wasted time and money (because it was not a desirable class). Go to a counselor and find out what you NEED. They know the answers and they’ll give you the answers. My counselor gave me a checklist of classes I need to take in order to graduate and that is what I am basing my schedule off of. It’s way less stressful than trying to figure it out yourself (trust).

Surviving Spring Semester

Next, make a To Do list. I’m serious.
I make myself daily To Do lists and it is the only way I can stay on track and make sure I get everything done that needs to be done. For example, my to do list today was: Run (3+mi), Shower & wash hair, Green smoothie, Information systems 2-3 hours (An online winter class I am in), Chicken salad, Buy spring books, Figure out dinner, Blog? It’s as simple as that. And yes, I do sometimes write down what I’m thinking of eating because it just makes things easier sometimes. And yes, shower & wash hair was on it. I didn’t want to wash my hair, but I know I needed to…honestly if I didn’t put it on the list I probably would still have dirty hair. My list changes daily and gets crazy when school starts, but I have notice making the list is a huge de-stressor for me.

Surviving Spring Semester

Get a Calendar/Planner…and USE IT.
I have been doing this for a little while now and kind of think of it as my bigger scale To Do list. At the beginning of each semester I look at the syllabus in each class and write in each project due date and each test date. I will also add reminders the week before or a few days before each. Getting this done in the first week or beginning of the semester is very important. That way you don’t miss anything!

Surviving Spring Semester

Set a Goal for the semester.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you hear that a lot. BUT DO IT. Last semester I wanted to continue on and get a 4.0 for the fourth semester in a row, but after moving to a new area, joining a sorority, and being an overwhelmed small town kid in a big, busy city, I decided to shoot for a 3.5 or above (that way I still get recognized as a “smarty phi” in my sorority). Honestly, I got extremely unmotivated towards the end of last semester and without the goal I might’ve got a 3.5, but I knew that goal was there in the back of my head so I kept pushing myself. It was worth it. I got a 3.7.

Surviving Spring Semester

Next, plan your meals.
This was huge for me last semester when I was at school from 8a.m. to 7p.m. While making dinner at night I would prepare a lunch and some snacks for the next day. This did not only help me de-stress, but also save lots of money (Tryna get a new 2017 Midori Bikini?!?)…and eat much healthier (Tryna look real good in that new Bikini!?!)! I also did a big stock up grocery trip at Costco before the semester started so that my fist few weeks were worry free in the food department. Chicken and avocado wraps were definitely a favorite, but I also did sandwiches, bagels, potatoes, pasta, Tuna, or any leftovers from dinner. Snacks were an easy assembly, just some carrots, snap peas and hummus, corn chips and guacamole, trail mix, popcorn, or edamame, bananas, berries, oranges, any fruit or veggie really. The biggest thing for me was preparing it while I was making dinner, already in the kitchen. Also, keeping it healthy makes you feel a lot better and I mean, honestly, that’s exactly what I want. Not trying to get sick here, you feel?

Surviving Spring Semester

Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN
Always set time aside for yourself. A beach day (cause you got your new Midori Bikini), a hike, a “me” day, any stress-relieving day. Try and give yourself at least one of those a week…for everyone’s benefit…we all know you get grumpy when you’re stressed and loose time for yourself. If you absolutely cant, at least study outside or at the beach. Even write this day out in your calendar. The main idea here is don’t stress yourself out, go have a good time instead. That is how you stay stoked and stay motivated, and that is how you stay sane and get good grades in school kids!
Now let’s raise our hydroflasks…or klean kanteens (or whatever water bottle group you go for) and cheers to a fun, stress-free, successful spring semester!
If you need help de-stressing this semester, or at any time, you can reach out to me on Instagram @caydenedman
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