An interview with one of our photographers

April 28, 2017 0 Comments

Navy Photographer Interview

Shayla Penera (view her oh so perfect insta feed here), is one of our fav photographers to date. She captures MIDORI babes such as Ambassador Navy Mckee in stunning photos with an emphasis on detail- yet without overcrowding the frame. Her soft, dewy look has a retro vibe and those white, green, and blue tropical branding colors we love so much can be found all over her work.

Read on for some Q & A (including easy to follow photography tips) between ambassador Navy Mckee and photographer Shayla Penera....

N: What is your favorite part about shooting with the MIDORI girls?

S: I love that all the girls are so sweet and genuine! Navy was the first ambassador I met and she has always been so generous to share her experiences and involve me along the way of her adventures as a Midori gal. Everyone I've met and worked with through Midori has always been so kind and with a mutual love of the ocean and a bikini life it's not so hard to get together and make magic! 

N: Where do you seek inspiration for your photos/what is your style?

S: The style I try to achieve with my photos are "sun-drenched" and "salt-washed" inspired by 90's films, life by the ocean, and a love affair with the world. A lot of my inspiration comes from Hawaii and Australian based creatives. Still I have a lot to learn and a lot to experience that will shape the style of my photos even more, I still experiment with a lot of styles and it's always my favorite part. 

Midori photographer Shayla Penera

N: What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?  

S: I remember wishing there were a lot of things I wished I knew more about, but one thing in particular was how to edit photos. It took hours of just playing around with the programs and reviewing photos of inspiration. Since then I've become obsessed with figuring out new techniques and creating new styles.

N: What is a piece of advice that you would offer to girls who take photos with iPhones/nonprofessional cameras?

S: I would say the main things to pay attention to good lighting and genuine smiles, no matter what tools you use you could make any idea happen. My favorite times to shoot are during sunrise or sunset because the lighting is soft enough to show off all the best features. If you're taking pictures during the daytime try to find a shaded area or some place where the lighting won't be so harsh and create dark shadows on you or your subjects face. Almost everyone has an iPhone or a smart phone and those things come with from pretty awesome editing apps too. The app store is always coming out with new fun photo editing apps too, one of my favorites is VSCO and even the editing tools in Instagram. Most importantly remember to have fun with it!!!

Midori photographer Shayla Penera

N: When did you decide that photography was your passion? Did someone or something influence this?

S: Everyone I worked with always had such genuine and kind things to say about the photos I would create for them, some of them would go out of their way to make me understand their thankfulness and it blew my mind that something I created could make people so happy. When people shared their thanks I realized creating photos was my passion. To this day the kind words that people share are what keep me inspired!

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