4-Day Meal Prep

May 11, 2017 0 Comments

4-Day Meal Prep

In my previous blog about having a stress-free semester I mentioned that preparing your meals ahead of time was a great way to minimize stress, eat healthier, and save money (‘cause we’re all saving for that new Midori Bikini).
So, I thought I would show you my 4-day meal prep for this week. Also, I added my yummy, easy tortilla lettuce wrap recipe. Enjoy!

Day 1
I have a banana, orange, and my chicken wrap. I also made a different type of wrap for another day. As I said in my spring semester blog, wraps are my go to! They are simple, easy, healthy, and delicious. I will give the recipe for this below.

Day 2
I tore up some lettuce, added Parmesan, croutons, and leftover chicken. I left my salad dressing on the side so that my salad doesn’t get soggy before I can eat it. I have a hard-boiled egg and I will also bring grapes and pretzels to snack on for this day as well.

Day 3
I have leftover noodles and blackberries. You might want to add sauce with your noodles, but I am not usually a fan of any sauce with my noodles, so I leave them bare. Blackberries are my favorite and usually I have them more often in the week, but I ate this batch so fast I am almost out already… I will most likely bring pretzels this day as well to snack on.

Day 4
I have a blue fin wrap and strawberries. YUM. The wrap is very easy to make, I will describe it below.
You’ll need:
Ranch (super optional, I just love it with chicken)
Chicken or tuna or tofu or whatever your heart desires (I used blue fin in the photo)

4-day Meal Prep

I spread one side with hummus and the other with guacamole. Then, I tear up some lettuce and put a few drops of ranch (preference). Then I cut up my blue fin (I already grilled it) and wrap it up. YUM.
I like to prepare my meals on either Sunday or Monday morning (since I’m lucky enough to have Monday mornings free at the moment). Although I am not perfect and sometimes do not find the time or get too lazy to do this… whatever the case may be, this meal prep does save me time during the week and does keep me less stressed. It’s one less thing to have to worry about.
I hope you enjoy and have a great week!
Please reach out to me @caydenedman if you have questions or would like to share your meal prep with me!

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