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Mariah's Beach Bag


Ambassador Mariah Wyckoff spills her beach bag for an inside look at her daily essentials

My beach bag must have's are my sunnys, coconut oil for tanning, water, snacks because I always get hungry, and Chapstick. I'm kind of a crazy Chapstick person.
I never leave without my headphones. I like to tune myself out and go into my own little world when I'm by the beach :)

My beach bag playlist? Well I really love reggae music. A little bit of Common Kings and Rebelution, Soja and J Boog.

My favorite beach products? Recently I started using sun bum, and usually sunscreen I put on my face makes me break out, but they have really nice ones that make my skin feel good. They also have such good hair products that make my hair feel soft and shiny after being in the ocean all day. And for tanning I always use coconut oil, makes my skin extra soft too!

I have so many beach buddies I can't even count! But my sisters are always happy to join me down by the water. And when my others friends and I aren't working we try to get our schedules to match so we can go together! And when no one is available I go and post up by myself. It's actually incredibly relaxing. :)

I love bringing a volleyball to play some pepper. It's fun meeting people and playing! Especially if they're also in a Midori suit! ;)

P.s if anyone ever sees me on the beaches in San Diego come say hi! Would love to meet you guys!

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