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Honeymoon Island

Guest blogger of the week: Nessa Black 
Last Saturday (September 17th) Austin and I decided to take a little day trip over to Honeymoon Island State Park off Florida's suncoast. The island is accessible by a bridge out of Dunedin, FL. We paid the day rate to enter the park (it cost us $8). It was nice and toasty with just a few pillowy clouds in the sky to make for some awesome photos!
Honeymoon Island state park
We hung out on the south beach of the island and enjoyed the sparkle of the crystal clear tidal pools
Brazilian Bikinis
I couldn't help myself, I had to dive right into that clear blue water!
We basically spent the whole day diving down, looking for shells, visiting the sea creatures, and swimming. 
Baby Crab
This little cutie was making it's trek back into the water after a close encounter with a curious child. I took the role of escort to make sure he made it safely back to sea.
Floral Bikini Bottom
For my kini I wanted to follow the tropical island theme for the day so I wore my Palm Croatia top here and my Lahaina Brayden bottoms here both from Midori Bikinis. These bikinis definitely pack a punch with quality! I never have issues with them slipping, fading, stretching, or wearing out- even after a full day of wear in the Florida sun and saltwater.
Florida Sunset
We spent the WHOLE DAY on the island and got to enjoy the most magical sunset!
Austin was pretty evidently beaming with joy getting to have some "guy time" for the first time in weeks, I captured a candid moment as he was taking a brief break from skim boarding to watch our new friend give it a go. 
Beach Puppy
I was pretty much in girl heaven photographing their sweet little puppy who was modeling in front of the sunset.
As the noseeums came out to bite and the sky became cotton candy, it was our cue to start heading back home. We had the most wonderful day trip, we were dead tired! Thank goodness it was only a 15 minute drive back to the apartment :)

By Vanessa Black
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