Hello 2018

The new collection name is 'Island Honey'

Inspired by all things sweet on the islands. From the tropical flowers to the earthy tones and the laid-back lifestyle. We know all of you honey girls will love it!

Thank you for your input, we'll definitely have other contests and giveaways in the future!

Our newest collection is right around the corner. In fact, the first two pieces were just released today in Napali + Mango- two new solid colors that are SO flattering. Shop them now!

Remember when we shared a photo of a yellowish-orange hibiscus on Insta and said it was our inspo behind a new color? Mango is the epitome of the perfect yellow-orange and is OH SO GREAT.

We want to keep you babes informed of what's in the lineup and are planning to do so through blog posts like these. Below, you'll find three new styles (don't worry, we have more in the works including some of your favorites like the Mau Loa) plus FIVE new prints. These are only the FIRST of what's to come in 2018.

We do not have an ETA on these yet but will post to Insta as soon as they are in. xx

Introducing...2018 bikini trendsThe best 2018 bikini styles

The 2018 size guide

To find the size that best fits you, please refer to our new size guide. It will be available on any of the product pages. The fabric we are using in 2018 is similar to 2016- stretchy and flattering so the sizing also runs close to 2016. If in doubt, we always recommend purchasing two sizes (you'll get free shipping ) and can return the one that doesn't fit with our free & easy returns.

We've found that many babes don't know their hip measurements- rendering most size charts useless. We came up with our own way of measuring your hips and it's as simple as 1, 2, 3.

#1. Grab a fabric tape measure similar to this.
#2. Slip into your favorite bikini bottoms.
#3. Measure around where the top of the bikini sits on your hip.

That is your "hip measurement!" Have any questions? Shoot us an email and we'll get back to you within 12 hours Mon-Fri.

Which is your favorite?

Remember, we sell out FAST. At times we will only release the top or bottom from a set- we recommend buying them individually in case one sells out by the time the other half is available. All of these colors + patterns (with the exception of the Malu in the Emmie) will be restocked at least once after they are initially available.

Midori Bikinis tropical swimwear patterns

Want to win a $300 shopping spree?

We need a NAME for the new collection. 

For a chance at a $300 Midori Gift Card, COMMENT below with a name you think best fits this collection below. We'll review all comments and announce a winner via Instagram on November 15th. 


  • brie

    - wanderlust
    - moana
    - makani (breezy)
    - island paradise

  • Jackie

    Makai “to the sea”

  • stevie vigil

    •it’s vaca
    •ke mai (sea in hawaiian)

  • Sarah

    Piña Colada

  • makenzie

    - kai
    -salty n’ sweet
    - Vitamin sea
    -beach bum

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