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Bound for Mexico

Bound for Mexico

Mexico is a frequent destination for me and my friends when we have three day weekends, school breaks, or any excuse we can come up with. This trip was the start of my summer.

Mexico Camping

We left on my 21st birthday (May 26th), which turned out to be a terrible idea. Sitting in a car for a long time after turning 21 was just bad planning. None the less, we got there, eventually. Not without passing through Ensenada first! We stop here for the inexpensive, fresh caught fish and to be hassled by local shop owners.

Mexico Streets
The real reason we come to Mexico is for the surf, but we stay for the tequila. I’m only half joking. We went tequila tasting in Ensenada before heading all the way down to the house. The first thing we do when we finally get there is run to the front of the house to check the surf.

Surfing Mexico
Yes, it is often empty like this. My favorite thing about surfing here is that you know everyone out, because they all came with you! We had a some fog in the begginning of the trip, but then the sun came out and turned this break into a picture perfect paradise.

Catch a wave from the wreck to the house and walk or paddle back up.

Surfing in the day, shell hunting in the evening…

And cooking the fish at night.

Throw in a campfire, some Mexican beer, and tequila and you have our Mexico trips in a nutshell.

Wandering Mexico
And of course, visiting our neighbor who hosts surf camps at this break (and has fun murals).

Getting in to Mexico is much easier than leaving. Yes, because Mexico is great for many reasons like fish, surf, and fewer crowds, but it is also hard to leave because of the long line at the USA border. The cars that left on Monday (Memorial day) spent 9+ hours waiting in line (they barely got back in time for school on Tuesday!). We spent another day in Mexican paradise and had about 4 hours at the border. Keep that in mind!

Let me know your favorite Mexico or summer destination in the comments!

Till’ next time,


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