Back to the Basics

By Rachel Midori | Owner & Founder

The new year is well on its way and with it changes I may or may not be ready for yet to be honest! This year saw the addition of one new manufacturer and three new styles at Midori but we have had SO much more in the works. The design side of the business can really test my patience and I know it's hard for you to wait around on patterns and styles I showed sneak peeks of months in advance too.

The Midori Team

In terms of our team, Halo went back to school to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher a few months back and Kelly will be departing San Diego mid-January to complete nursing school. I'm going to miss them dearly but we all have plans to get together often. So, after 4 years of having a team around here, it'll be back to just me with James joining in occasionally!

It'll be a challenge working alone and motivating myself but it's a challenge I'm looking forward to! I'm also planning on volunteering for a local animal shelter so I'm not completely closed off from society! ;)

How did Midori Bikinis begin?

I personally always get excited about January 1st. I typically start by getting rid of unnecessary files on my desktop, move on to my closet where I pack clothes to be donated at Salvation Army, and end up in front of my new Hello Day Planner with an entire year of blank pages in front of me. It's a great feeling!

The best planner in 2019

Strategizing my days has become key. I don't have any monumental goals this year, the plan is to stick with the "less is more" mentality and keep things simple.

Goal #1: Stay on top of my schedule, refusing to push tasks a day or two later.
Goal #2: Only commit to plans that I will truly look forward to.
Goal #3: To not get ahead of myself. Planning in advance can be really helpful (and sometimes necessary) but at times it can cause more stress.

For the best advice on how to go making 2019 YOUR year, click here!

With those updates in mind, our upcoming line will be called the DRIFT COLLECTION. It will focus on simplicity but also include bold, bright beautiful prints with pinks, corals, blues, and orange. Styles will include:

  • A strapless bandeau
  • A mid-waisted moderate coverage bottom
  • A remake of the 2017 Rowan + 2017 Cruz
  • Potentially a new fixed-triangle top
  • A bottom similar to the Parker with a higher rise

If you've been with us awhile you know we release throughout the year rather than all at once. I will be releasing a sneak peek of the first SIX patterns in the DRIFT COLLECTION in our next blog on Jan. 24th. They're on track to begin arriving late February!

If you have suggestions or questions for 2019, comment below and I'll get back to each of you!


  • Charlotte

    Still waiting for the sneak-peek blog post… :o!!

  • Marissa

    What happened to the Jan 24 sneak peek?? Can’t wait to see the new season!

  • Emily

    I’m obsessed with your brand and love knowing my favorite swimsuits are produced by a small, women-owned business! You’ve revolutionized how I feel in a bikini at the beach. :) Personally would love to see another bikini top designed to give small chests a little boost? But I’ll remain a fan no matter what. Thanks for your hard work and best wishes for a great 2019!

  • Amanda

    I’m excited to see what new prints are in store for this year! I saw someone comment about the whale tail style coming back, is this true?? That’s by far my favorite style of bottom, and I’d love to see some of the newer prints in it!

  • Brandi

    Can’t wait for a restock. I also have a giftcard that I’ve been wanting to use. Good luck with your goals. I look forward to ordering when my sizes are released.

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