A Guide to Clear Skin

My personal life hacks

What facial washes I use:

St. Ives, and if you're ballin' on a budget like most of us, target has a great knock off brand that I use and love!

What I drink:

Lemon water!

How simple right? Just add some lemons to your daily intake of water. And it really does help! But why?

•Vitamin C reduces bacterial activity and helps combat the formation of acne.
•Vitamin C helps flush out toxins.
•It cleanses the body from inside out. It removes toxins from blood and clears blemishes from the skin.

Begin the day with lemon water

What to stay away from:

Skip the ice cream!

Cutting out dairy can help a lot. 

Alternative: Grab an acai bowl. It's healthy and full of antioxidants!

Cutting out dairy can lead to less acne

What to add to your daily routine:

Washing your face daily helps a lot. But what I found most beneficial is using a towel or rag to scrub my face.

Just using your hands isn't enough!


5 things to help get that glowing skin:

Why? Omega 3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation that accompanies acne.

Green tea!
Why? It's filled with healthy antioxidants!

Why? They have natural slices of zinc that most people get from supplements and studies show zinc helps reduce acne.

Why? Eating more fruits and veggies can naturally help clear up acne.

Why? It helps reduce inflammation in your stomach! Which helps with your face acne as well.

Drink more Kombucha!

5 tips for clearer skin

I know there are so many other things in life that contribute to acne and breakouts. But what is more satisfying than  feeling comfortable in your own skin? Little changes you make can have great impacts on your skin. So try these out, and I’d love to hear how they work for you guys! Feel free to contact me on Instagram (@mariahwyckoff) with any questions, or topics you would like me to cover!

Until next time beach babes! - Mariah

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