3-Ingredient Power Bites

3-Ingredient Power Bites

Hey guys! I am going to share with you my simple and easy, go to healthy snack bite recipe! I love making these to meal prep with for school or work weeks, also before going to the beach, going to surf, going to hike, whatever it may be, they’re my go to!

Here are the three ingredients:

1. Raisins!

They are rich in potassium and fiber making them a great ingredient for these power bites. Raisins also provide energy as well.


2. Almonds!

These guys are a great source for our daily protein. Almonds are also a great source for energy, however it is less immediate compared to raisins.

3. Chocolate Chips! (Semisweet)

Yes, a little less than obviously healthy, but they make these bites a bit rewarding and do have benefits such as the taste and do supply energy the quickest!

For five energy bites, which is usually more than enough of a snack for me, I will use a handful of each ingredient and toss it all in the blender.

It takes a few moments to blend enough, but it will get there. After they’re done blending, I scoop some out with a spoon and roll them into little “bite-sized” (usually two bites) amounts.

They’re the perfect on the go healthy snack! I love how simple and easy they are to make, as well as their benefits like supplying energy, suppressing hunger and being easy to put in a bag when you’re on the go!

Try making a batch and head out to enjoy your day!

Please let me know if you have any questions, would like to share your experience with this recipe or have any suggestions by sending me a DM on Instagram @caydenedman or via email, which is in my bio.



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