Hi babes, Kiana here!

I’m 23 years young and I live in Torrance, California. Living five minutes from the beach, 20 miles outside the heart of Los Angeles, and an Uber ride away from LAX has provided me the perfect environment to live out my dream life… and then some. Allow me to elaborate!

Passion Project

I was a Midori Bikinis Ambassador almost three years ago. At the time, I was a just college student-athlete with a love for adventure. I was quite new to the social world - I didn’t have a large following and I had never trained my naive eye for creative content. Despite my lack of social media know-how, Midori invited me into the Tribe. They were the first big brand to inspire me in this space.
Since then, I have worked with dozens of brands, created content in places all around the world, and connected with other creators and my own followers in a way I never imagined. Follow me on Instagram.

In 2017, my passion was heightened when I made photography my profession and acquired flight benefits from my awesome flight attendant brother! Armed with a camera and blessed with the ability to travel virtually anywhere at anytime, I was inspired to write a blog about this amazing life I get to call my own. Originally about my quest to live life to the fullest through travel, The Standby Diary is now an all-in-one lifestyle destination. And I’m so excited to say that I get to bring Midori Bikinis along for the ride to keep me feeling free, confident, and inspired!

Read more about  The Standby Diary

My Business living near the hustle and bustle of LA has given me access to all the opportunity I need to thrive in this area of my life. My career began at a creative talent agency in Santa Monica working in talent management, brand accounts, creative production, and travel partnerships.

Developing my skills with a startup at the rise of the social media age really paved the way for me to be able to do what I love today. After my agency experience, I was blessed with an opportunity to work for a brand and business woman that paralleled many of my own aspirations. Eventually, that exposure inspired my inner entrepreneurial spirit. In September 2017, I started my own photography and influencer relations business. Now, I travel the world alongside influencers and other creatives to create content for brands in collaboration with The Standby Diary.

Home Sweet Home

Balance has been a huge focus for me recently and I’m blessed to have a good understanding of the things that bring me back down to earth when I get caught up in this grand life I’m chasing. Although I travel a lot and my days often blur together between adventures, I’ve always been most drawn to home and routine. I even still get home sick on most every trip.

I crave my bed, my go-to restaurants just minutes from my house, and that perfect Southern California weather. To find my balance amidst all of chaos of living out of a suitcase, I have a few things that give me a sense of peace and security while I’m home. 


My family is my rock. Like many of you, their love and support are just about every reason I am where I am today. We aren’t perfect - some people may see us as crazy, weird, even broken, but the love that surrounds us trumps all. Being home with my family is the blanket of comfort and warmth that no other place in the world can offer. Oh and my friends? They’re family too. 

Health and Fitness

Traveling throws a lot of things out of wack for me - sleep schedule, diet, and fitness routine, to name a few. I keep my health pretty high on my priority list and am a firm believer that every aspect of your life can be improved when you have an active lifestyle and your body feels physically strong. Although I absolutely have my lazy and cheat days, I do my best to workout everyday and minimize foods that lack nutritional value.

This keeps me feeling energetic enough to take on life and not to mention, more confident in a bikini! As you can imagine, being home makes sticking to my routine so much easier, but my blog will elaborate on diet and fitness tips abroad too! Read more on The Standby Diary.


Long before travel and photography became passions of mine, volleyball was my one true love. I started playing competitively when I was 12 years old and the sport has since followed me into my adult years. Although I am grateful for the opportunity I had to play on scholarship in college, volleyball has always been much more than a means to a free education. It tested my work ethic and devotion as we trained 6-8 hours a day during 22 unit semesters.

It strengthened my mental toughness and resilience when my team suffered heartbreaking losses and season-ending injuries. It brought me life-long friendships, unforgettable memories and some of my best years. Volleyball has always been a friend - there when I needed excitement, distraction, adventure, and tough love.

Now that my competitive career is over, volleyball serves as a way for me to be a part of a community. I get to enjoy long days on the beach and Thursday night indoor leagues with new friends and former teammates. Volleyball is yet another way for me to connect with others in common interest, stay active and healthy, and escape from a sometimes hectic life. Whether its sports, art, or another passion, find something you love and keep it close in your life pursuits!

Thanks for reading Midori babes!

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