I grew up in rural Maine though I've always been happiest at the beach. I'm a true Pisces- water is my element and I am constantly seeking it out. I live in Utah though you'll often see me traveling to beautiful beaches as I have a serious case of wanderlust! I've also lived in Canada, Mexico, and both east and west coasts.

I have my own business as an Esthetician and do facials, lash extensions, and Brazilian waxing (gotta keep the other bikini babes smooth too!). I've also studied conventional and holistic nutrition, and got into personal training after seeing my own awesome results from weightlifting. After many requests I created a fitness program, The Whole Booty, to help other women build their best bikini bodies!

I'm a single mom to a seven year old, which keeps me incredibly busy! I try to lead by example and live my life as fully as possible so that my son grows up knowing that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

When I'm not working or traveling I'm usually out hiking with my son and dog, taking photos with friends, or Latin dancing.

Behind the Lens

My “behind the lens” is just my friends or whoever I happen to be with! At this point they know we can’t go to a beautiful destination without taking a bunch of bikini photos of me, haha! And I’ll confess, I’ve even had my son take them sometimes ;) 

Fun Facts

Sweet or salty?


Favorite Midori style:

Koah top and Tavarua bottoms 

Most listened to song:

Stay by Rihanna

Most frequented beach: 

Sayulita, Mexico, because I keep going back!

Dream vacation

Overwater bungalows in Moorea

Clear skin secret:

Don't over-cleanse! You really only needs a good cleansing once a day. Any more than that and you're disrupting the natural pH of your skin and creating more imbalance. Less is more!

― "The Whole Booty" Program

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