Turning a New Year's Resolution into a Lifestyle

Can you believe it’s already 2018?! I mean, seriously, where did the past year go? I don’t know about you, but I made so many personal goals for 2017 that just never got done, so here I am, scrambling to accomplish as many things as I can in the New Year. Speaking of resolutions, the most common type of New Year’s resolution is – you guessed it! -  anything to do with health and fitness. Some are on the broader side of the spectrum, such as “losing weight” or “getting healthy” – whatever that means. Others have more specific resolutions like “losing 5 inches off my waist” or the ever-daring “no more alcohol” (raise your hand if you’ve tried and quickly failed at that one haha!).

Keeping your New Year's Resolutions

If you’ve made yet another attempt at a resolution that sounds somewhat similar, then this is the blog post for YOU. Grab a seat, a pen and paper, and get ready to actually accomplish your goals this year and turn them into a lifestyle.

How to make the best of your New Year's resolutionsThe secret to making your resolutions become a reality is to turn it into a lifelong goal, something you could manage to keep up routinely for the rest of your life. Of course no one is perfect and life throws its curve balls at us all the time. But in the hopes that you will stay well and injury-free, make yourself a specific resolution that you believe you can manage the majority of the time, with realistic boundaries for you as an individual. Disregard your friend’s resolutions, your mom’s resolutions, your favorite fitness blogger’s resolutions, and think about you. Because, quite frankly, no one knows you and your limitations better than you do. 

How I wish I could say that losing weight, getting healthier, and finally accepting your body for how it’s shaped and what it does for you were easy things to accomplish, all from a simple commitment you make to yourself at the start of a new year. Businesses prey on vulnerable people during the new year with ads promising quick fixes for weight loss. Gyms also tend to make a killing because people are feeling the guilt from holiday eating and are ready for a fresh start, as if all the cocktails and cookies never happened.

Speaking of limitations, write down your absolute favorite foods/drinks that you can’t live without, healthy or unhealthy. If these are something you tend to eat routinely, and they’re bad for you, give yourself permission right now to eat them every now and then when the craving strikes. Don’t completely swear off something just because it’s “bad for you” and won’t help with weight loss or whatever your goal is. The minute you swear off a food or a habit is the minute you’ve set yourself up for failure, and the whole point of this article is to HELP steer you toward long-term success.

Setting New Year's Goals
Although the goal is long-term success, give yourself permission to mess up. It’s not a failure unless you completely abort the mission and give up.

Let’s say you’ve started a manageable gym routine 4 days a week and are seeing results. You just landed your dream job, and they require intensive training in a different state for a full week, including 10 hour days and studying for this training in your hotel room every night. Could you possibly still use the hotel gym or do a body weight workout in your room? Sure. Will you have the motivation/energy? Possibly not. Listen to your body, first and foremost, and make sure you aren’t just making excuses to abandon your routine. That should be a part of your lifelong resolution, FYI.

Keep your New Year's resolution all year around

There’s another issue I notice with people wanting to become healthier, whatever that looks like to them. They have no clue what they’re doing when it comes to diet or exercise, two of the most important factors when making a lifestyle shift towards optimal health! Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Hiring a personal trainer even for just a few sessions or a registered dietician for an initial consult could give you the foundation you need to maximize your efficiency and get you on a manageable routine to carry on for life.

The social media and blogging world alone have tons of valuable resources on health and fitness that it should be easy to educate yourself! Just stay away from any fad diet or routine that promises you results in a certain amount of time. We aren’t doing this for 30 days, we are in it for the
long haul.

Have any questions regarding how to go about turning your New Years resolution into a lifestyle? Email me at savanna.venier@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram! I’d love to help in whatever way I can. 

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