5 Steps For Winter Skin Care

5 Steps For Winter Skin Care - Midori Bikinis

If you’re like me, I begin pulling out beanies and down jackets the minute the temperature reaches the 60's. (Why yes, I do live in Southern California.) Regardless of where you live, winter can be a divisive season- maybe you love the change of pace, the crisp, the cold- or maybe you’re ok with a few days of wearing your winter layers, but you quickly crave the summer sun.

No matter what your opinions are about the seasons, with changes in temperature and climate, comes changes to our skin!

Skin Care in the Winter

Did you know that during the colder months, our skin loses up to 25% of its ability to hold moisture?

But don’t worry- with my tips and tricks- we will keep your skin soft, glowing, and completely manageable! I feel like I am not alone when I say that I don’t have time for an extravagant skin care routine- but simple doesn’t mean ineffective!

Below I have my top tips for keeping your skin shining, even when the sun isn’t.


Let’s dive in! Here’s the line up:

Hydrate, Cleanse, Moisturize, Upkeep. 


It’s hard to talk skin care without discussing hydration. I get it, when it's cold outside, you are less likely to reach for your water bottle and chug it. But staying hydrated is easily the most important and vital step to keeping glowing skin year round.

Bored of water? Change it up- think tea, fruits, vegetables! Or make your classic cup of water feel vacation-esque by adding your favorite fruit to the mix- hello lemon and strawberries!

Cleanse & Exfoliate.

We all know skin is our largest organ, and often the health of our insides is portrayed through the health of our skin. So, when it comes to cleansing- we have to think from the inside out! Eating a mineral and nutrient dense diet will help your skin glow, but it doesn’t end there!

Don’t forget about the magic of a good exfoliant! During the dry months, we don’t want dry skin to stand in the way of you feeling confident! By exfoliating the dead skin on the surface, this will allow for moisturizer to properly absorb! I recommend finding a face cleanser to use in the shower, making it a habit- exfoliant and cleanser in one? Even better!

The best tools for taking care of your skin


It can be overwhelming to find the ‘right’ moisturizer for your skin, and what it really comes down to is preference- how does it FEEL? For best results, apply your favorite oil or serum before bed and let your skin absorb the vitamins and minerals that your serum has to offer! I personally like to mix a drop or two of my favorite face oil into my moisturizer- it feels like the perfect blend that keeps my skin soft and dewy without feeling too oily.



  • SPF- I know during the colder months, we don’t always think, “Sunscreen!”- but sun protection should be a year round pursuit!
  • Face masks- Whether you want to make a quick at home mask- think mashed avocado or a honey and sugar scrub- a weekly face mask can not only bring the spa life to your busy household, but a weekly deep dive into paying attention to your skin can do wonders.
  • Lip balm- Your skin is glowing, your health is beaming- don’t let cracked or chapped lips stand in the way of feeling confident! Whether you are a straight vaseline guy or gal or would prefer your favorite chapstick or lip balm- pucker up and apply!
Shower temp change- I know that in the winter long, hot showers can be a cure for many of the days’ stressors- however, I recommend ending with a short burst of cold water! A drastic change in temperature is not only great for skin health, but for all types of internal health- it boosts the immune system and increases blood flow and regulation- all great for longevity and anti-aging measures!
Best Skincare Products to use in the Winter

    When it comes to skin health, it really is all about finding the routine that works for you! However, if you want to know some of my favorite brands that I have seen the best result with- I have a quick list below: 

    • Acure Brightening Facial Scrub
    • Collective 108 Cleansing Face Oil and Serum
    • CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
    • Eucerin Original Healing Moisturizer

    Keep shining- from the inside out!

    Have a favorite skin care hack? Drop it in the comments below! <3

    Mari Monroe

    Find Mari on Instagram at @mari.iden

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