Name the Print(s)

Our winners are:

#1 Tahiti (Amanda)

#2 Alaula (Ashley) 

#3 Nakita (Tori)

#4 Mirage (Presley) 

#5 Miami (Lexi)

#6 Pualani (D’Lisa)

#7 Kalea (Kris)

#8 Dune (Margaret)

We're working on our Fall '21 Collection and want YOUR input when it comes to naming these prints! We'll post two each day, visit our site on June 16, 17,18, and 19th and submit the names you think best fit them by referencing their numbers in the comments below!

If we choose the name you came up with for the print, you will get a $100 gift card to MIDORI.

Have a style in mind for the pattern? Tell us which tops and bottoms you want to see them in too!


  • Alisa

    Super excited for Tahiti to come out! Can you please make it in the cami top and Brayden bottom? Thanks!!

  • Deena Aly

    1 Kokomo
    2 Martinique
    3 Tortola
    4 Trade Winds
    5 Sukha
    6 Asante
    7 Miholska
    8 Barbados

  • Jayana

    7- Elle
    8- Alana

  • Ivy

    1 Hawaiian aloha
    4Riptide or topography or current

  • Margaret

    7. Zest
    8. Dune

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