Mother's Day Gift Guide

This Mother's Day will be my first as the mama of our sweet little June who was born this past September. As I reflect on the past few months, I'm continuously drawn to the elements that make my house feel like a home, provide a pick me up, protect my skin as I seek some sun, and take this mama's mind off the stresses of life in an uncertain time.

I've gathered a collection of a few of my personal favorites including some small brands that I personally know could use some help during these hard times.

1. Every two weeks when I place my Instacart order, I add a bouquet of flowers to my cart. Their bright colors keep my house feeling cheerful and welcoming even if the only people it'll be welcoming are myself, my 6-month-old, and my hubby. Who can say no to flowers?! This typical gift doesn't have to be boring, go a step further with Bouqs, and have fresh, beautiful bouquets delivered directly to her door.

Skylar Scents Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free Perfume

2. Spending so much time indoors may translate to less self-care. We're no longer spending as much time (if any!) on our hair, makeup, or pre-quarantine routines. Spritz or roll on one of the AMAZING scents from SKYLAR. My favorite has been Isla for the last year but Coco Colada might take its place. Transport yourself to somewhere tropical with their pretty scents. Organic, vegan, and cruelty-free + free shipping and returns.

Coastal, ocean-inspired accessories for the house and home

3. I'm slowly converting each linen, towel, pillowcase cover, and otherwise outdated piece of my home to The Beach People. My husband doesn't rave over many things I purchase but he's always telling me how much he loves our Eucalyptus sheets. They are light, have a cool feel to them even in the warm months, and are more breathable than cotton or bamboo. I've splurged on bath towels, an eco-friendly beach playset for baby girl, pillows, tote bags, and even a hat from them!

Timeless women's jewelry, high-quality and affordable

4. A high quality, long-lasting, affordable jewelry brand is hard to find. Gorjana has taken over the jewelry market with its timeless styles fit for any age, a wide and versatile selection to choose from, their popular layering sets, and even engravable gifts. With all retail locations currently closed, you'll be supporting this small brand as well as their employees through these hard times and your mom will be so thrilled with her new bracelet, necklace, rings, or anklet. Shop their curated Mother's Day collection here.

5. Soludos have been in the spotlight lately as a favorite shoe and sandal brand for Meghan Markle. While their sneakers are the comfiest I've worn and I love all of the different designs they come in, their booties are the perfect way to complete any fall outfit. Hoping it's going to warm up soon? Get your mom in one of their espadrilles, or sandals. 20% off in being advertised right now and don't forget to sign up for their Sunshine Club when you checkout for discounts off your own pair in the future.

Salt by Hendrix Organic Skincare Line Free Shipping Botanical Serums Facemaks Bath Salts

6. The ultimate skincare company Salt by Hendrix boasts an array of products with not only pretty packaging but natural, plant-based ingredients that smell yummy and truly work. From their Rose Quartz Roller that promotes healthy circulation (a necessity for every woman), to Soak Infusion Bath Salts and Mermaid Facial Oil, with free two-day shipping you can have your mum feeling her best with an infusion of organic, top-grade ingredients delivering antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins to her skin.

High-quality Australian women's hats

7. If you're anything like me, you may love the idea of wearing hats but when it comes to finding ones that are the perfect fit and actually cute, you don't know where to begin looking. Lack of Color is your one-stop shop to all things perfect hats. Your mama will appreciate the style and sun protection they provide when she's lounging in the backyard getting her daily dose of vitamin D. Check out this particular hat here.


  • Annika H

    For Mother’s Day I would pick out a cutesy hat from Lack of Color and a fresh fragrance from Skylar! I know she would absolutely love it!

  • Sarah

    Usually, I take my mom horseback riding for Mother’s Day, but with everything being shut down, I won’t be able to this year! So, these are some cute ideas of things I can get my mom (and myself haha).

  • Kristen Burkeen

    Love these suggestions! Skylar is amazing! Time to send this to all my friends <3

  • Caitlyn

    Love all of these recommendations! Definitely checking out the beach people!

  • Melissa

    Happy first Mother’s Day to you! I love the idea of bringing fresh bouquets into your home to make it feel more welcoming. I remember I was suffering from postpartum depression after having my son. I didn’t really know what to do and doctors were no help either. So I love that you incorporate these items to involve self-care and replacing everyday items to make it feel luxurious and cheery. My mom always appreciates a fresh bouquet and the Gorjana jewelry fits her style too! Thank you for sharing!

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