Free Bikinis?!

We're working towards approving two new styles, one mid-waisted high leg bottom and one top. To approve the sizes, we want to send YOU a sample in them in exchange for your feedback on how they fit. 


  • Must be a current customer at Midori
  • Must be able to provide feedback within 2 days of delivery

Interested? Comment with the names of the styles you already have from our line and your size in each below! We will be looking for babes XXS-XXL. You'll be contacted within 24 hours if chosen.




  • Brittney

    Hi Rachel!
    I’m late to the party but I’ve been loving Midori Bikinis since 2016! I’m so happy to see this brand growing so rapidly. Styles I have are Mau Loa, Tavarua, Carlton, Whale Tale, Cruz, Kai, Mia, and my absolute favorite Hana. I’m an XL in bottoms and an XXL in tops. Thank you for designing these styles and prints that make us all feel gooooood!

  • Alissa G

    Hello Midori babes!

    Absolutely love your bikinis, been splurging on one or two a year for a few years now!!

    I am a M in top and bottom in most styles and would love to try some of your new ones!!. I love high waisted, or high leg cut for bottoms and am not picky on the top.

    Thanks so much <3

  • Sydney Davis

    Hi Rachel! I literally LOVE Midori bikinis they are so comfortable and cute, supportive of the girls, and allow me to keep up with fun activities, while feeling great and looking super cute! I’ve always lived at the beach so I basically live in bikinis and am always on the hunt for cute and comfy ones! Midori is hands down my favorite fits my style and is everything I want in a bathing suit!

    I have grove brayden bottom in medium
    Peach Kai bottom in medium
    A floral brayden bottom in medium (it’s yellow with white flowers not sure the exact name)
    Kaena mila bottom in medium
    Kaena Mila top in large
    Arihi Carlton top large
    Hana top large
    Cruz bottom in medium
    Stella top in large

  • Kaycie

    I wear mediums across the board. Love all of the suits I’ve purchased over the last several years! Great quality and fit. I’m open to trying any fit :)

  • Alyssa Roc

    Hey Rachel! Love that you’re reaching out to true customers for honest reviews. I’ve been a long time Midori lover since 2015!! I will never get over the classics like my pineapple tavaruas, my whale tales and mau loas (which I still have btw!!) the quality and styles of Midori bikinis has only gotten better over time and I cannot recommend them enough to all of my friends and family. My favorites now are the Cruz the Kai the Lena and the Mia! I wear a size Small in tops and a Medium in bottoms! I would be so happy to have the opportunity to contribute to a brand I have loved for so long! :)

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