Best Aloe Vera Recipe

JUST TWO INGREDIENTS! That’s all you need for this super hydrating, beneficial REAL Aloe Vera recipe.


When you find “Aloe Vera” at your common drug store, grocery store, or wherever you go to get your sunburn relief… (Sunburn is usually my reasoning), you’ll find that Aloe Vera Leaf Juice (the good stuff) is labeled as Aloe Barbadensis (scientific name of the plant) and is pretty far down the list of ingredients. That means less of the “main” ingredient is used in the product.

The first ingredient in Aloe Vera is commonly water, which means you just bought an expensive bottle of water to put on your skin…jk…kinda… Other ingredients that come before the Aloe Leaf is Triethanolamine, “Fragrance”, and Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate. These three ingredients contain chemicals, can be toxic, often cause allergic reactions, and even dry your skin.
WAIT… dry your skin? Yes. The Aloe Vera that you buy to moisturize actually has ingredients that dry your skin!
So, why not make it? It’s simple and easy!
I personally do not have Aloe Vera plants in my yard, but it took about five minutes to find some in my neighborhood! Later, I also cruised by some local hotels and they all have a surplus of Aloe Vera plants. You can also find them at most grocery stores in the produce area as well. 
All it takes is a few Aloe Vera leafs (depending on the thickness and size) and some essential oil (mostly used for preserving the Aloe Vera). 


First thing to do is cut the spikes off of the leaf. Then you basically skin it like when you filet a fish! There’s a slimy, juicy inside that you want to place in a blender.


I added 1-2 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil per leaf used into the blender and then blended it all together.


After pouring the blended Aloe juice into jars, I placed them into the refrigerator so that it stays fresh longer and feels so good on some warm, sun baked skin.

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I hope you enjoy this fun, easy, and beneficial recipe!

Stay tuned for other great recipes to use your home made Aloe Vera in!


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