Become a Bikini Designer

A few weeks back we asked you to submit your own swimwear designs, bikinis that would fulfill your dreams for the perfect set or one piece. You didn't let us down, we received many impressive submissions and are already daydreaming about bringing many to life.

We chose just over 20 of our favorites to present to you to vote on when we were originally going to choose just 5. In this initial blog we'll present 6 so things don't get too overwhelming. Comment with the number of your favorite and we'll count up all the votes then send the winning design into production!

Keep in mind that some submissions were for both a top and bottom, some were individual pieces, and others are one-pieces.

Interested in submitting your own design? Click here!

We're thinking of keeping this going since, as you know, one of the most unique qualities about Midori is our attention to feedback. What better feedback is there then our customers designing their own styles?

Designer _Catheriner

Designer Rachieeepling

Designer Jarvisashley77

Designer Lisasmmm

Designer Jiacashon9

Designer Meggsnolan


Which design should be added to the Midori line?
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  • Veronica

    love this! I just bought some similar items from

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